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Why Natural and Organic Self Tanning Products?

If you want to achieve a beautiful and natural looking bronze glow to your skin this winter, an organic self tanning cream may just be the ideal choice for you. There are many benefits associated with organic tanning, so don't miss out on them.SustainabilityOrganic and natural tanning solutions encourage sustainability.These products exclusively consist of natural [...]

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6 Most Harmful Chemicals Found in Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products are for enhancing or advancing the general outlook of individuals and are available in two distinct types, which include care cosmetics and decorative cosmetics. Though traditionally they are women's products, men can also use them. In fact, there are cosmetics tailored just for men. In most instances, users apply them on the face [...]

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Hydrated Skin: How Does Water Help?

Everyone has heard about the recommended advice to drink about eight to ten glasses of water a day. But why is drinking a good amount of water so important? Nearly every cell in our body is made up of water. Water makes up approximately seventy percent of our bodies. This alone proves water to me [...]

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7 Reasons to Use a Quality Body Scrub

It's true: We all want smooth and radiant skin. Our bodies are our temples and deserve to be treated as such. Unfortunately, they are covered in a dense layer of dead skin cells. Although these cells will naturally shed on their own (eventually), this process gets slower as we age. Moisturising lotion alone is not [...]

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Natural Perfumes VS Synthetic Perfumes

The problem with synthetic perfumes and fragrances is that SO MUCH of what you put onto your skin, your body's largest organ, gets filtered into your bloodstream. Up to 100% of a perfume that is made of synthetic products can get into your blood, and so many of our currently available commercial perfumes are made [...]

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Post Movember Grooming Tips

Movember is an act meant to raise awareness about various male health issues. The movement involves growing out moustaches during November, but once the month is over you may want to explore different grooming options. Following are a just a few choices worth considering.Clean Up the LookA Simple TrimFor those of you that can't commit [...]

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Summer Skin Care Routine: Beat the Summer Sun

Virtually everyone is aware of the risks that come with too much exposure to the sun's rays. Damage from UV rays can cause everything from premature wrinkles to deadly forms of cancer. Still, people do very little to care for their skin during the summer months outside of applying sunblock before spending long periods of [...]

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The Effects of Heat and Sun on Skin

Sun damage can cause a lot of superficial effects on the skin and some pretty serious ones. All of these effects are equally disastrous because sun damaged skin requires a lot of work to be restored to its former glory. The following are the harmful effects of heat and sun on skin –• Skin Cancer [...]

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