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True Stories


(Yoga Teacher / Lu Lu Lemon Ambassador)

Finally, a natural 'nasty free' deodorant that not only smells good but does the job! 

As a yoga teacher, I am sweating and around sweaty bodies for much of the day. It has been hard to find a natural deodorant that works well under these conditions. When I tried the VM Vanilla Deodorant. I was initially hesitant as I usually find vanilla scented products too strong and sickly. This product is anything but sickly sweet. It has a subtle fresh scent that compliments both the Driftwood and Essential Body Spray that I wear daily. It is also very effective, even after a vigorous 2 hours yoga practice. 

Thank you, Vanessa Megan, for another excellent addition to your already stunning collection and for your unwavering commitment to using safe natural ingredients whilst maintaining the highest quality and effectiveness in all of your products.



(Australian media personality, journalist and blogger. www.sarahwilson.com.au)

I recently met Vanessa through a mutual friend in Byron.  She's a woman passionate about providing natural and organic skincare products, hence the creation of her eco-friendly, ethical company Vanessa Megan.  Their products are all high quality; with no chemicals, mineral oils, parabens, PEG's, artificial preservatives, colours or fragrances. I am a big fan.



When I first met Vanessa, my skin was absolutely HORRENDOUS! It was sensitive, it was filled with big breakouts that were like cysts underneath the skin, blackheads and redness. Vanessa got me started on a simple routine: every evening I had to use the petit-grain cleanser, massage it into the skin, and clean it off with a washcloth. The washcloth would gently and naturally exfoliate the skin and get rid of my acne scars. After this, I would massage the N.E.O oil mixed with 2 drops of rosewater into my skin, and I would be done. Too easy!

The first time I used these products, I noticed a difference in my skin instantly! It was calm, it wasn't itchy or red as it normally would have been.

For people who don't know me - I'm a 22-year-old girl, eats a healthy diet of raw veggies every day, and runs 50k a week. In a perfect world, when I'm healthy like this, I shouldn't have problems with my skin, but sadly this is not the case. Ever since I was 11 I've had breakouts all over my face, BADLY! I've tried everything - from antibiotics to creams, to treatments to $1000 cremes etc. NOTHING has worked - Until I met Vanessa and tried her products!

If anyone has ever tried to live with acne, you would know what it does to you and your confidence. You feel ugly, disgusting and vulnerable. This is such an emotional subject for me, and I can not thank Vanessa enough, ever, for introducing me to her products and herself.

My skin is now under control, it's calm, I hardly have ANY blackheads, and I hardly breakout anymore. I can now enjoy my social life, and be happy and confident with my skin!

Thank you, Vanessa, for, literally, saving my life from the bottom of my heart. I can never thank you enough!

FYI - my skin has never, ever, ever, EVER been as good as it is now! To give you an idea; I now look better without make-up than I do WITH make-up. Crazy, huh? My skin is just so glowing, and vibrant, so when I put make-up on it, it tones down all of that, and so it's so much better without it. 








(Australian Actress - Read more about Zoe here - and here)

I have never written a testimonial before, but Vanessa I just want to share with everyone how incredible and effective your products are. Recently on a job in Melbourne, I had to have makeup on all day, every day for a TV show. These were chemical cosmetics which I had no choice but to wear and I was fearful that as always, like on past acting jobs, my skin would break out… This is the first time my super sensitive skin hasn’t broken out! Your N.E.O saved my skin! Not only that but since using N.E.O my skin feels more elastic, my pores have become invisible, my skin tone has evened out and my face feels dewy and glowing. More people compliment me on how youthful and bright my skin looks even though I am wearing less makeup than ever before! Thank you so much for your active, ethical, natural products. They work!



I’ve always been proud of my immaculate, peaches and cream complexion. So it was devastating when 12 months ago I experienced an inflamed rash on my cheeks, a reaction to a ‘high end’ skin care range. I’ve since discovered this range was packed with chemicals. The symptoms included hot, red, inflamed and itchy welts.  Thinking it would calm down over time, I switched to another ‘high end’ skin care range – which I’ve also since discovered is jammed with toxic chemicals.  As the rash persisted I came to realise I had a permanent rash.  I invested thousands of dollars visiting high profile dermatologists in Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles who all misdiagnosed rosacea.  I was prescribed varying solutions from a 3-month course of antibiotics, plus cortisone cream and antihistamines, to a foe aloe vera product preserved in alcohol, a rosacea specialist range containing ‘glitter’ to anti-bacterial soap – also full of chemicals and finally IPL treatments. I was finally advised sympathetically that I would have to live with my rash for the rest of my life and started coming to terms with my situation. And then Vanessa walked into my life. Vanessa systematically studied the contents of every lotion and potion in my bathroom and I was left with one non-toxic / non-chemically preserved sunscreen.  I was shocked to discover the toxic combinations I had been feeding to the largest organ of my body – MY SKIN.  Within hours of using the petitgrain cleanser and rose & chamomile face cream, I noticed my skin calm down.  In two weeks, the angry red rash disappeared and within 3 weeks, my complexion is smooth to my fingertips.  I no longer have oily/dry confused skin and I’m not plastering foundation all over my face.  I now understand the importance of checking the contents in any item I put on my body and for the first time in 12 months, I now trust that I’m finally feeding my skin with natural ingredients.  With sincere thanks to Vanessa Megan, I feel feminine, elated and relieved.



I am a self-confessed skin care addict. I’m always buying new products and often find myself spending too much money and not always getting the results I’m looking for. however, when I started using the Vanessa Megan range, the difference in my skin was instantaneous. the morning after I started my skin had a healthier, younger quality and since then has just got better and better. My pores seem to have become smaller, the tone of my skin has totally evened out and I’m wearing much less makeup. I’ve been receiving comments from friends who have also noticed the difference. I really love the earthy scents of the oils used and I find I am now really enjoying and indulging in my skin care routine because every day I’m seeing the results. I’ve definitely found my new products.



I love to use your spray to enhance the space before we do yoga.  It has such an amazing meditative effect.  I use also it on my body and always get compliments from strangers!  Great conversation starter for sure!  I feel that you have created an incredibly tasteful, well-balanced and sexy fragrance. So glad to have met you and thank you for introducing me to your product!



I started using Vanessa Megan face cream 6 months ago as it was given to me as a gift by my daughter. I usually have the creams I like, but because it smelled so good I wanted to give it a go. I am now on my second jar and my husband is using it too. My skin has never, ever looked or felt so good. I actually have rosy cheeks now, the colour has come back after I don’t know how many years and I just love the smell of the rose and chamomile. Thank you, Vanessa Megan, I am your new fan.



Before I started using Vanessa Megan products I had dry patches on my cheeks that wouldn’t go away. I’d tried pretty much every miracle cream on the market without much success.

After the first day of using these products, I noticed a change. The dry patches had shrunk and my skin looked brighter. By day 3 my skin tone was even, the dry patches had completely disappeared and my pores were smaller. The overall effect was dewy, moist and fresh.

I’m now finding I don’t need to wear as much make-up. I absolutely LOVE these products!



I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your products. In particular, I really love the rose and chamomile face cream.. my  skin has never felt so soft and it just smells amazing!! Thank you for your products. it’s great to know that I am putting something natural on my skin.



I have been using my rose & chamomile face cream & think it is wonderful…it makes my skin feel  rejuvenated, moist & smooth, unlike a lot of the other creams I have used over the years, your product  doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily.  I love it !!    I also love your ‘Essential Blend’ Perfume spray for Men & Women…..so refreshing & lasts for hours. Thank you again for your gorgeous products.