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The birth of the brand

Vanessa Megan Gray is the founder and director of Vanessa Megan skincare company. Vanessa Megan products were born from Vanessa’s best friend’s phrase: "You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat''.

Galvanized by this concept, Vanessa began investigating the ingredients in her bathroom cabinet. Discovering skincare products laced with harmful and synthetic ingredients, Vanessa commenced a quest to find a chemical free product that had all the regenerating and healing properties she was looking for. The search revealed a shortage of truly harmless natural skincare products and in 2001 Vanessa started formulating natural face products in her kitchen, studying the effects of various ingredients on her own skin. 

Vanessa’s love of biochemistry resulted in the birth of her own natural skincare brand which she christened: Vanessa Megan after the Greek translation: Vanessa  - “Butterfly" and Megan - “Strong" (Vanessa’s first and middle names).

By 2009, what had started as a personal venture had grown into a thriving small business, as family and friends responded to the rejuvenating natural ingredients and her unique blend of signature scents.  Word of mouth referrals secured a constant following and the Vanessa Megan skincare range was overwhelmed with orders.

Motivated by consistently good feedback, Vanessa began selling the range at local markets and health food stores. The passionate customer response confirmed people were searching for effective yet harm free skincare products.

Within 9 months, Vanessa Megan products were selling in retail stores around Australia, turning Vanessa into a passionate advocate and educator on the effects of natural versus synthetic skincare.

In early 2012 Vanessa and her growing team expanded the business, moving into a new workshop with a custom built laboratory in Sydney, where the Vanessa Megan products are manufactured for national and international distribution and receive notable media and skin care award acknowledgements. 

Today the Vanessa Megan company remains true to the original values that inspired the range over a decade ago, continuing to ensure quality control through hand made skincare products and making the finest organic ingredients an ongoing priority.

Vanessa Megan is an aspiring and passionate company, expanding quickly. Our rapidly growing customer base is the heart and soul of our business. Our work is rewarded by our customers visible skin results after using Vanessa Megan luxurious, scientifically proven, eco-friendly, natural and organic skincare products.

Every single product is designed to meet the uncompromising standard of this statement: “You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat.” We won’t eat chemicals and we won’t eat mineral oils, parabens, PEGs, artificial preservatives, colours or fragrances and we certainly won’t feed them to you through the skin. None of those harmful ingredients are in any of the products we make.

We love our products and we care about our customers, so every day we educate more and more people across the country and around the world about what they can do to have healthy and beautiful skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and taking care of it helps to keep the rest of you healthy too. Remember, your skin is permeable, so whatever you put on your skin can enter your body, and we firmly believe that natural, non-industrial ingredients are very important for your health.

We only use the finest quality natural and organic ingredients.

Our packaging is designed to minimise waste and is 100% recyclable.

We are certified Cruelty Free. Our friends, families and ourselves are the only animals our products are ever tested on. 

We are proud to manufacture our products by hand in Australia.

We work with our entire supply chain in order to gain mutual benefits of incorporating environmentally sustainable goals into everyday business and to reduce our carbon footprint in every area of our company.

Our team strives for integrity, honesty, intelligence, eco-friendly, quality and beauty in every area of the company.