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Summer lovin'

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The air is turning… there is a warmth in it… you know it's coming... 


This means lots of outdoor time, sweat on your skin, pool and ocean water through your hair and plenty of Vitamin D. It’s an adjustment for your skin after the cool, dry air of winter and it is time to re-work your body care to support that.

Summer tends to be more humid than winter, so your skin might need to be moisturised differently, something lighter with more water in it. Our White Tea Antioxidant Day Cream has an aloe base that is perfect for skin that needs to breathe and sweat through the heat. Whenever possible leave your skin bare – just moisturiser and sunscreen – and don’t forget an extra squirt of moisturiser after a swim.

At the same time your hair will likely need more moisture. The ocean might give you that amazing crunchy texture, but it also dries out your hair. The water content of your hair is what makes it stretchy and elastic, so when you swim in salt water, the osmotic process means that water leaches out of your hair leaving it dry and over time, quite brittle. It is important to rinse after every swim and, other than your regular wash and condition, keep a little watered-down conditioner in a spray bottle for a post-swim soothe. Our Mandarin and Sage Conditioner contains quinoa protein which is full of amino acids that allow for greater penetration of other ingredients, like argan oil, into your hair shaft. This keeps your hair flexible rather than rigid and breakable. For a nourishing post beach hair mask you can warm up some honey, coconut oil and buttermilk and rub it through the ends of your hair for a few minutes before you shampoo and condition as usual.

In winter it can be tempting to bolt out of the bathroom and into warm clothes the second you get out of the shower, but the warmer weather means you can take a little more time to pamper your skin. Your body is no different from your face when it comes to shedding old cells to reveal new, fresh ones underneath. This turnover process is nudged along with the help of a moisturising body scrub. This works in a few different ways. As you massage your body with the granules, you slough off the dead skin, boost circulation and help to drain out your lymph nodes. An oil based scrub – like our Love Scrub, with its grapeseed, sunflower and coconut oils – will also leave your skin softly moisturised and protected after the shower. The other bonus is of course the tingling, fresh sensation that is the perfect start to any day.

And finally – think about your deodorant. As people sweat more in the summer heat there is a tendency to think that an anti-perspirant is the answer. It isn’t!

The last thing your body needs is a heavy, chemical concoction that it needs to sweat through and filter out. Natural deodorants don’t stop any of the natural processes of the body, but they do much more than just masking the aroma of sweat. The extracts of green tea, rosemary leaf and horse tail in our Vanilla Pod Deodorant have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, meaning it kills any germs or fungus, allows your body to eliminate sweat naturally and still smell great.

Finally – the best part of summer is the food. Make yourself some delicious fruit salads full of berries, nuts and seeds and feed your skin from the inside out. Our favourite summer food is the pomegranate – which is full to the brim with Vitamin C, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. For a delicious way to get those into your body – how about a pomegranate sangria? Say no more, we’re off the pool!

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