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​Ice Ice Baby : The low down on Cryotherapy

What is the first thing you do when you sustain a mild injury? Of course – an ice pack. For decades we’ve know instinctively that that something about ice makes us feel better when we are in pain. This is most simple form of a therapy that has gained popularity in the last few years – cryotherapy.Cryotherapy comes from [...]

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​Precious Oil – The 10 best natural oils for your skin

By now the news is out that oils are skincare miracle workers. Well – the natural ones are. And while it’s all well and good to learn that many skincare products use cheap and unfortunately quite nasty, mineral oils, it’s also important to discover which ones are the best for your skin as well. We’re happy to bring you [...]

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The Why Before the How: Harmful Chemicals and your body

Why is there such noise about going chemical free? Unless you really understand what it means to put things onto and into your body that simply shouldn’t be there. We really want to share with you the science between the words “natural” and “organic” and the reasons why we are so passionate about removing chemicals from the parts of our lives [...]

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Creating a Skincare Routine

Ever get confused by the plethora of products available for your skin? We all know the basic cleanse, tone moisturiser routine, but when is the best time to do it? Where does exfoliation fit in? And serums? And oils? And treatments? It can be overwhelming and you, like many of us, may just have a drawer full of beautiful [...]

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​Sun, Surf and Your Hair

There is very little that feels as amazing as the sun on your bare skin. Unless of course it is the feeling of the ice old surf through your hair as you dive under a wave. During summer we spend more time outdoors than at any other time of the year, and for most of us, we also [...]

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Your Ultimate Guide to Facial Exfoliation

The first, best tool in your quest for great skin is this mantra: Listen to your body.  Every day we are hit with a barrage of advertisements for hundreds of skin care products and it can get confusing. One would imagine, given the amount of exfoliating products on the market that giving your skin a good [...]

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Behind the Scenes on the 'Manifesto' Shoot

Jasmine Hunter recently interned with Cubic Films, the filmmakers behind VM's Manifesto shoot and here she gives a sneak peak into what went on behind the scenes.The word Manifesto means 'a public declaration of your intentions', so I knew as soon as I read the title that this film shoot aimed to do exactly that for [...]

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Active Ingredients: Your Questions Answered

 WHAT ARE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS?An active ingredient is a substance that is biologically active. The original Greek word for these active substances was 'pharmakon' which meant something magical or something with mysterious properties. From this comes our word for pharmaceuticals. These are substances that change the biology of things they come into contact with. They actively work [...]

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Introducing: The Vanessa Megan Active Range of 100% Organic Skincare

Vanessa Megan is so excited about our new Active Range of 100% organic skincare. These products take natural skincare to a new level with scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredients that restore youthful clarity and brightness and protect against the ageing effects of time and everyday life. The active range is a full anti-ageing skincare system with the most advanced natural ingredients in [...]

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The Perfect Base, Naturally

Amanda, the Vanessa Megan makeup ambassador is a skincare educator specifically for make-up artists and believes that “your base makeup might be called foundation, but the true foundation of any great makeup is really good skincare.” Here she gives us her guide to preparing your skin makeup application.  Image: Sea with her beautiful skin and makeup from our campaign - “Love the skin [...]

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