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Exfoliating Muslin Cloths

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This 3 pack of exfoliating muslin cloths is a perfect addition to your beauty routine. 
These lightweight pieces of woven organic fabric can be paired with your favourite Vanessa Megan cleanser. Excellent for softly sloughing off dead skin cells.
Unlike cleansing brushes, which can cause unexpected breakouts due to bacteria buildup, Vanessa Megan recommends the gentle muslin cloth as a cleaner approach to exfoliating as they are much more absorbent than brushes due to their airy, fast drying fabric.
Place a small dollop of cleanser on the warm, wet cloth, and gently massage into the skin to buff away impurities on the surface, like dead skin cells, dirt, oil and leftover makeup.
All skin types can benefit from using a muslin cloth. Remember to place your muslin cloth in the wash to remove dead skin cells and make up
Our preferred and sustainable alternative to make up pads.