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Organic Awareness Month - Let's Celebrate the Natural.

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We’ll assume, since you are reading the Vanessa Megan blog, that you are already reasonably aware of the value of organic, but just in case you need to convince a friend or family member to make the switch, or if you just need a reminder of the amazing choices you’ve made, let’s talk all things organic for a moment and dispel a few myths.

For a start the word means two distinct things. Firstly it refers to anything that is “derived from living matter” and secondly, it describes production practices that create food or products without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. It doesn’t mean “anti-science”, in fact, organic food, products and skincare are some of the most scientifically sound formulas you’ll find.

When it comes to food, organic means that what you are eating has come from ingredients that have been farmed, grown, cooked, cleaned and packed without the use of pesticides or chemicals that are known to be bad for either the environment or human health. When it comes to your skincare, it means the ingredients in the products you put on your skin (and in your skin – these products sink in!) are ones that have been harvested and processed naturally and nothing has been added to them.

We’ve talked before about the idea of “chemicals” as being something very much misunderstood. They aren’t bad or good – they just are. A chemical is a form of matter that has specific and constant properties – it cannot be separated down into smaller components – this means they are essentially “pure” – they are one thing, not a mixture of things. An example of a chemical is “water” – it always has the same ratio of hydrogen and oxygen in it (H20) no matter where you find it. Other common examples are diamond, gold, salt and sugar. What this means is that a chemical is essentially neither good nor bad – it just is. When we say “chemical free” in terms of our health, we obviously don’t mean all chemicals and so it can be confusing. When both water and chlorine are classed as chemicals you can see the difficulty in using one word to describe everything. A better way to talk about chemicals is to say “harmful chemical free”. That said – they aren’t all water. Plenty of chemicals are incredibly bad for your body – they cause cells to mutate, they inhibit bodily functions like sweating and they accumulate in the body over time. So, you really don’t want chemicals you don’t know or understand in your products or food and this is what organic labelling is all about.

If a company has their products labelled as organic, it means they have gone through a rigorous process of checking where their ingredients have come from, how they were farmed and processed and they have not added anything to them that wasn’t also organic. The organisation Vanessa Megan Organic Skincare uses to certify our products is one of Australia’s largest and most comprehensive accrediting bodies –Australian Certified Organic. ACO is Australia’s largest certified for organic produce and has over 1500 operators within its certification syst

em. ACO is also a not for profit company who are passionate about raising awareness for organic certification and actively engage with markets, retailers and operators to support them for making the decision to go organic. They also reward organic producers through their annual Awards for Excellence, an award Vanessa Megan Organic Skincare won for our N.E.O. Serum (Best Certified Organic Product of the Year 2015).

For Organic Awareness month we want to give you a challenge, but also offer you a reward for your choice to go organic with your skincare. First of all we challenge you to talk to someone about organics this month, tell them what it means, tell them why it is worth the extra cost of use products that really work and really make a positive difference to your body rather than endangering it. Oh – and as a reward we are offering 25% of any of our best-selling organic products for September. Just use the code “AWARENESS2017” at the checkout to redeem. Here they are:

Limelight Natural Perfume

Citrus Grove Deodorant

Vanilla Pod Deodorant

Intensive Organic Night Repair Oil

Mint & Citrus Room Spray

Petitgrain Cleanser

Lemon & Rosemary Exfoliating cleanser

Resuscitate Eye Cream

Peruvian Flower Hand Cream 50ml

Citrus & Spice Natural Cologne

Rose & Chamomile Face Cream 50ml

White Tea Day Cream 50ml

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