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Fire & Frost - Our revolutionary new treatment to completely change your skin.

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You know we’re always at the cutting edge of organic skincare science over here at VM, and I’m sure you’ve also seen our social media hints at our amazing new treatment system – Fire & Frost. Well – let us be the first to tell you – its amazing, it works and here’s how.

Fire & Frost is a revolutionary treatment formulated to boost hydration and skin tone using extreme polar temperatures. And you can do it at home! When used on a weekly basis (we recommend a series of 8) our case study participants reported that they saw a reduction in pigment, a plumping and lifting of their lines and an overall increase in moisture levels. In other words – they loved it.

The idea is to warm up the skin and then rapidly cool it, all the while using active skincare ingredients to do the work and change your skin. The heating element of the treatment shakes apart the thick layer encasing the skin cell, exposing a fresh cell membrane. The body reacts to this minor trauma, flooding the cell with nourishing collagen. Then – when the skin cells are warm, we use ice to rapidly cool them causing the blood vessels to constrict and then dilate, pulsing oxygen and nutrients into the skin cells.

When these two actions happen in sequence the body’s response is amazing – I mean, we’ve all done hot and cold on an injury to promote healing right? It’s exactly the same thing – except targeted precisely to your skin. The process creates a super natural healing system for skin cell regeneration and the dermal layers are nourished with ingredients 

aligned with the body’s natural healing system.

Here are the steps and the products we use:

Step 1: The Kindling.

Prebiotic +C Brightening Exfoliator

This warms up the epidermis, removes any dead skin cells or dirt and preps the skin to receive active ingredients

Step 2 The Fire.

Two Phase Vitamin C

This potent topical vitamin C treatment creates a superficial trauma on the skin’s surface, introducing heat and shaking up the cellular cement. It also aids in collagen synthesis.

Step 3: The Activator.


‘The Activator’ sounds like the title of an action hero and this is quite accurate. Rosewater activates the ingredients on the skin delivering them deeper into the skin.

Step 4: The Frost.

Cryo Ice Cube Serum

This potent frozen serum plunges the epidermal layer to sudden lower temperatures causing the body to pump anti-inflammatory oxygen to the site. You can choose your cryo treatment based on what your skin needs: Cryo Facelift – a rich plumping serum full of hyaluronic acid, IBR Dormin and Quandong extract; or Cryo Revive – a cooling and soothing serum with aloe, cucumber, white tea and chamomile.

Sound amazing? It actually is. Four steps, less than 30 minutes and best of all – no downtime. You look great instantly. The products work synchronously to both cleanse, shake up and regenerate your skin cells and the results are noticeable. The skin looks plump and moist, and with repeat treatments ( like we said 2 a week for 4 weeks), pigmentation starts to fade and fine lines are softened.

The best part is, all of these active and powerful ingredients are natural and organically sourced.

Want to try Fire & Frost? We have a pack all ready to go with 8 individual refining treatments in the box – or you can purchase the individual products yourself and continue the treatments weekly after your first four intensive weeks.

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