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Facial Massage - Giving your skin a wakeup call.

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If you have ever had a facial you’ll know that the massage is one of the best parts. Who knew that your eyebrows held such tension? That your jaw could feel so much more relaxed after a few minutes under the magic fingers of a therapist? The truth is massage is just as great for your face as it is for the rest of your body and the best part is – you can quite easily do it yourself.

What is it about massage that feels so amazing? Well is physiological terms, the manipulation of your skin and muscles has two major effects. Firstly it increases the circulation of your blood and lympth. Secondly soft tissues (muscle, connective tissue, ligaments and tendons) are relaxed and returned to their normal resting state which can release tightened or pinched nerves and promote healing in damaged areas. Medical studies have suggested that not only do you feel short term pleasure (and sometimes a little pain), but massage can promote long term muscle relaxation which results in reduced pain, improved moods and far better sleep.

As your face is full of nerves and pressure points, it makes sense that a facial massage would not only feel good, it would help to relax your entire head and body and also be great for your skin. In face it does even more than that. Facial massage, according to a study by the User Science Institute improves mood and lowers anxiety levels. Gentle massage and reduce headaches associated with the tight muscles across the forehead and brow and especially those around a jaw than has been clenched in stress.Facial massage can also help relieve allergy and sinus symptoms. Gentle massage around the nose and eyes can improve puffiness and drainage for those who suffer during the spring pollen season. The lymphatic vessels are also stimulated during this massage and, as we have several lymph nodes around the chin, jawline and neck – a facial massage can get the lympth flowing freely and toxins from the environment and from stress can be eliminated by the body more quickly.

And then there are the visible benefits as well. Stimulating the skin and muscles of the face brings blood flow to the area and with that oxygen which is anti-aging skincare from within. More blood also more collagen production and in case you’ve forgotten exactly what collagen does – it is a protein that ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of the skin. Collagen is the glue that holds us together and as we age, it is not produced as effectively. Anything that gets collagen production going –is going to be great for you.

Who has time for facial massage? You do. You really do. When you use your oil in the morning (our N.E.O. is perfect for this) or at night (try our Intensive Organic Night Repair Oil) apply it with a short massage routine. It might take less than a minute, or you might like to do a longer massage once a week. This is double the benefits of your skincare routine and put you in the right mood for either the day or… sleepytime.

But what do I even do, you ask? I can’t just rub my own face! Sure you can. Our simple guide shows you the direction to gently massage your face so that you encourage blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Be firm, but always be gentle, never tugging or pulling on your skin. Most of the time you will be massaging upwards and outwards, but when you reach the side of your face and neck, work gently downwards towards the lymph nodes in your neck.

And if you really need some help, take a moment to look online for some demonstrations you can follow. One great example is the traditional Japanese Tanaka massage which places special emphasis of lymphatic drainage. This is great for puffiness and you can follow along on the simple video demonstration here. Whatever you do, keep it simple and gentle and use only the highest quality organic oils when you are vigorously rubbing them into your skin.

Try massaging your face once a day for a week or so and see what sort of a visible difference it actually makes. You'll likely find, along with feeling more relaxed around the eyes and jaw, you will be less puffy and make even have plumper looking skin.

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