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The Truth about becoming the Face of Vanessa Megan: Michelle's Reflections

Our 'Face of Vanessa Megan Campaign' took place in May and June of this year. We decided that we want to showcase women who were real, who embraced their individual strength and beauty and were able to show this in a photo shoot. It meant so much to me, that these amazing women from all [...]

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The Perfect Base, Naturally

Amanda, the Vanessa Megan makeup ambassador is a skincare educator specifically for make-up artists and believes that “your base makeup might be called foundation, but the true foundation of any great makeup is really good skincare.” Here she gives us her guide to preparing your skin makeup application.  Image: Sea with her beautiful skin and makeup from our campaign - “Love the skin [...]

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​Demystifying Organic Certification

It might seem like a simple decision – to switch to organic products – and at its essence it is, but once you make this decision you will realise that there are least several different organic certifications used in Australia.    There are many companies who use the words organic and natural without certification. Do these words actually mean something legally? [...]

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Lighten Up - It's Spring!

Six o’clock in the mornings you start to notice it happening. A little more light each day. The breeze has a tiny bit of warmth in it. Everything looks a little bit brighter. Spring has sprung. Finally.There is something about this change of season that makes it the most powerful. It feels like a wake-up, a fresh start. It [...]

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Take Our Bathroom Challenge

Know what’s really behind those ingredients in your bathroom products. When it comes to skincare products, we often hear it’s important to nourish our skin because it is the body’s largest organ. But what is skin and why is it so important? The answer is as multifaceted as the skin is multifunctional. But one of its key [...]

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Your Winter Skin Survival Guide

With the first changes of winter lingering on the end of autumn air, you will start to notice the changes in your body’s largest organ – Your Skin.Your usual autumn beauty routine will no longer suffice the cool change approaching.Here are some tips and recommendations for all skin types - post autumn and pre-winter.The most [...]

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Dry Skin And How To Avoid It

There is no need to call on an expert to know if your skin is dry or not. If you have rough, scaly patches on your back, arms, legs, and waist, you have dry skin. These are the areas people normally neglect when moisturizing their face and hands. In fact, some people scratch their dry [...]

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The skinny on SKIN according to Vanessa Megan

Skin is an amazing thing. It protects us from nasties yet allows our bodies to absorb nutrients. It is our largest organ, it grows hair, it shrinks, it stretches. It is the first port of call for the way we look and feel, yet it is the sometimes last element that we take into account when [...]

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As Seen In Sunday Style, May 2015

Featured Product: Vanessa Megan Essential Blend Soy Wax Candle.

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Vitamin (A, E, P and K) Benefits For The Skin

The role that vitamins E, K, A and P play in skin health cannot be overstated. This collection of vitamins helps to prevent wrinkles, facilitate the healing of skin wounds, and moisturize the skin. With these vitamins available in a variety of foods and topical products, people who wish to improve their skin have a variety [...]

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