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Fire & Frost - Our revolutionary new treatment to completely change your skin.

You know we’re always at the cutting edge of organic skincare science over here at VM, and I’m sure you’ve also seen our social media hints at our amazing new treatment system – Fire & Frost. Well – let us be the first to tell you – its amazing, it works and here’s how.Fire & Frost is a [...]

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Fresh Start: Overhaul your morning routines this spring

As ever, spring makes us feel as though something new is starting. The sun rises earlier and sets later. There is that tiniest little bit of warmth in the air and there are flowers popping up everywhere. What better to time to re-invigorate your routines after the long dark of winter. One of the most important times of your [...]

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Organic Awareness Month - Let's Celebrate the Natural.

We’ll assume, since you are reading the Vanessa Megan blog, that you are already reasonably aware of the value of organic, but just in case you need to convince a friend or family member to make the switch, or if you just need a reminder of the amazing choices you’ve made, let’s talk all things organic for a moment [...]

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​Intelligent Beauty

This year Vanessa Megan is one of the official partners of the Sydney Writer’s Festival. It felt like a good fit to us because we value art, creativity, intelligence and beautiful things, and as we prepare for the events at the festival we spent some time musing on a couple of those ideas – in particular ‘intelligent beauty’.Beauty is [...]

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The Wonders of Vitamin C

We’ve been hearing about Vitamin C since we were kids. Might get a cold? Take some vitamin C. Sore throat? Have some lemon and honey. Winter blues? Have a fresh orange juice. We know the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C for our immune health - having enough ascorbic acid, as it is also called, is vital [...]

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Chasing Waterfalls

Special guest blogger Charlotte O'Neill, travel writer, photographer, Instagram queen and solo adventurer, talks about her affinity with water and how water forms an integral part of caring for our lives and our skin. It was 12am. The moon was bright, high and shooting light over the entire landscape as we drove through back roads into the night. [...]

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​Ice Ice Baby : The low down on Cryotherapy

What is the first thing you do when you sustain a mild injury? Of course – an ice pack. For decades we’ve know instinctively that that something about ice makes us feel better when we are in pain. This is most simple form of a therapy that has gained popularity in the last few years – cryotherapy.Cryotherapy comes from [...]

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​Precious Oil – The 10 best natural oils for your skin

By now the news is out that oils are skincare miracle workers. Well – the natural ones are. And while it’s all well and good to learn that many skincare products use cheap and unfortunately quite nasty, mineral oils, it’s also important to discover which ones are the best for your skin as well. We’re happy to bring you [...]

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​Organic Makeup Artist Cathy Tolpigin shares her top Organic Makeup Picks.

Special VM Guest Blogger Organic Makeup Artist Cathy Tolpigin shares her top 8 organic and natural makeup product recommendations as well as a few make-up artist beauty secrets. When Vanessa met makeup artist Cathy, she loved the fact that she uses only the best, luxury, high performance organic and natural makeup in her professional and personal [...]

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The Why Before the How: Harmful Chemicals and your body

Why is there such noise about going chemical free? Unless you really understand what it means to put things onto and into your body that simply shouldn’t be there. We really want to share with you the science between the words “natural” and “organic” and the reasons why we are so passionate about removing chemicals from the parts of our lives [...]

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