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The birth of the brand

An eponymously named luxury organic skincare range born from the mission statement 
‘You should never put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat.’
Founder & Formulator: Vanessa Gray Lyndon 
A pioneer of the certified organic skincare movement, Vanessa began formulating in 1999 and launched her Australian certified organic skincare brand in 2009. She continues to be one of the first Australian skincare formulators to uphold the stringent supply chain standards of certified organic, toxin free, vegan, cruelty free, 100% consumable waste recyclable packaging.
Nearly a decade later, the brand has evolved from a ‘feel good’ conversation into an active skincare range dedicated to solving skin concerns naturally. Garnering 13 skincare awards for the highest standards in skincare.
Innovation continues to be the mainstay of Vanessa’s formulation work, proving that nature can strengthen skin and prevent age. The ground breaking Fire & Frost treatment became the finalist in the Asia Spa awards 2018. Her world first Frozen Beauty concept continues to garner acknowledgements as featured in Vogue, Cosmo, Elle and Good Health. Winning the Natural Health serum of the year 2017.