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The Holy Trinity [Trial Kit]

Description - 

A simple yet powerful daily maintenance routine. Formulated to hydrate and balance all skin types.

Featuring three products: Petitgrain cleanser, Rose water and award winning N.E.O oil.

Created to minimise skin touch points in order to maximise the absorption of our potent proprietary blend of all natural ingredients.

Case study results report reduction of rosacea inflammation. Acne candidates report reduction of break outs.

Our case studies and customer feedback on this simple routine report significant improvement in skin resilience as the ingredients

strengthens and re-balances the dermal layers over 5-6 weeks.

More noticeable results occur for skin concerns such as rosacea and acne. These candidates see an early reduction in break outs and

redness within 1-2 weeks and within 5-6 weeks report a fading of superficial scarring.

Pigmented skin conditions report a more even and balanced skin tone.

Revolutionise your skin care routine with this simple, effective and proven trio of certified organic products. Your skin will feel the difference in a rapid 24 hrs, and problematic skin will see lasting results over a course of time using our The Holy Trinity™ Pack.

The Holy Trinity™ Pack is ideal for all skin types: problematic skin, normal skin, ageing skin or skin that just needs that extra multivitamin pep up. 

Directions - 

Put all other products aside for 7 days while you use these 3 luxurious and certified organic products and see the difference they make to your skin, which is why we call them "The Holy Trinity"!

Click here for the testimonial and Before & After using nourishing and rejuvenating products of The Holy Trinity™ Pack. 

Ingredients - 

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  1. beautiful skincare

    Posted by Julie Chandler on 18th Feb 2018

    After one week I really noticed a difference in my skin it was so smooth and soft. I have now given this to my teen daughters to try out while I upgrade to the larger size pack!!!

  2. Holy Indeed

    Posted by Camila Cruz on 2nd Feb 2018

    I never felt my skin so smooth!

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