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Fire & Frost® Skin Refining Treatment


Fire and Frost ®

Is a Skin Refining Treatment using Extreme Polar Temperatures to achieve immediate results with Zero downtime.
This treatment uses natural Vitamin C ingredients to heat the skin and then plunges the dermal layers with an ice cube serum. 
Extreme Polar Temperature® 
Is a process of heat then ice which encourages the body’s natural healing system to flush blood to the site which in turn promotes collagen production and then anti inflammatory oxygen to the dermal and epi dermal layers. 
When the dermal layers have been nourished with ingredients aligned with the body’s natural healing system, this dynamic combination aids pure skin cell regeneration. 
If the dermal layers have been fed with ingredients that imitate or synthetically mimic the body’s healing system, vulnerable skin cells have been known to re-build unpredictably.

At Vanessa Megan® we have integrated the science of extreme polar temperatures to innovate a whole new approach to skin refining.
Synchronising plant based ingredients with the natural order of human healing, to help create the purest form of skin cell regeneration. 

Heat + Ice + Pure ingredients = Super Natural Skin cell regeneration.


Extreme Polar Temperature®

Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvenating Treatment



4 simple steps / 30 minute procedure

No set up / No downtime



Irons out uneven skin

Rejuvenates and Super hydrates dermal layers

Reduces pore size, creates even skin tone



Ideal skin type:

Sun damaged, Aged, pigmented, tough and uneven


Suited to:

pregnant women seeking safe active results without invasive treatment

(NB: not suited to sensitive skin concerns)