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​Intelligent Beauty

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This year Vanessa Megan is one of the official partners of the Sydney Writer’s Festival. It felt like a good fit to us because we value art, creativity, intelligence and beautiful things, and as we prepare for the events at the festival we spent some time musing on a couple of those ideas – in particular ‘intelligent beauty’.

Beauty is something we like to think about broadly at Vanessa Megan – it isn’t just genetic luck to us or we wouldn’t spend the time we do working to innovate skincare. Beauty to us, is an intelligent relationship with the way that you look, feel and act – a relationship that takes into account your health, your spirit and your connection with the world around you. And these aren’t just empty words – we know women want to look their best, but we want to encourage an intelligent and empowered discussion around this.

We want women to know that they are using ingredients that both work to strengthen their skin to make it look amazing, and that these ingredients are good for them and for the planet their children will inherit. We want women to know that beauty isn’t about covering your age or your skin problems, it is about healing and protecting so that you feel comfortable in the skin you’re in.

What we want to give our customers is information – scientifically researched, accurate information with no false promises – about what they can do to look after themselves on the outside (and by proxy – on the inside). People who find our products are already looking for intelligent beauty – they have decided to learn about their products and ingredients, done some research and asked important questions. We want them to know that their faith in us is validated – we are doing our research too – calling on ancient knowledge to solve modern skin concerns, sourcing our answers from nature. We want to remove problems – not add them.

Vanessa Megan sees beauty as a connection between the mind and the body – it is asking questions, challenging the answers, looking for solutions and refusing to compromise on things that are truly important. Beauty can be difficult and hard earned and beauty can look very different across generations and from one woman to the next. Above all beauty is evolutionary – it grows as you do and we’ll couldn’t possibly say it better than Maya Angelou does when she wrote:

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but we rarely acknowledge the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

To find out more about our partners, the Sydney Writer’s Festival – a true mecca for enquiring minds - please follow this link and hopefully we’ll see you there! 

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